The Art of Vocal

We welcome students age 5 and above including adults and all level from beginning to advance.
Our vocal lessons are private one on one class so you get the individual attention you need to learn and improve at your own pace. All lessons are weekly and take place at our music school at Midiworld Music and Art School.

If you want to have tons of fun learning music, then vocal m lessons are for you. Learn to sing your heart to your favourite Pop, Rock, classical or Jazz. Or just want to improve vocal technique for a performance at school or jamming with your friends, we are here for you.

We know many beginners have a real passion and desire to sing a particular song or style. Our fun, versatile and experienced teachers know how important it is to satisfy this interest and try to work it into the vocal lessons as soon as possible. While teaching you how to sing your favourite song, our teachers will be covering with you:

  • Rhythm
  • Articulation
  • Pronunciation
  • Dynamics
  • Wide varieties of way to produce voice, including Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classical, Country & etc
  • Musicianship – provide a required pitch at any given time of the Sikh interval, understand the differences between chest, speech and head voice. Combined them to add depth of feel into your voice to give an outstanding performance.

All Students are also welcome to perform in our regular recitals.