Music Maker at the Keyboard

(for Children 6 years old and above)

  • 11 lessons per three-month term
  • Weekly lessons of 45 minutes each
  • Class size 2 to 6 children
  • Family Packs (Compulsory) – 6 Separate packs, one Pack for each level. Each Pack consists of a Student Book with Activity & Notation Cards and 2 CDs

Programme Description

• Group Class for Children to attend independently. Parents are invited to participate in the class during the last 15minutes. (Parent education and sharing time)
• Children will experience activities that leads to “Musical Literacy” and Readiness for Individual Instrumental Learning. “Musical Literacy” means “ability to play by ear and by reading notes”
• Children will develop a good sense of beat & pitch and will learn Musical Oncepts progressively through Games, Singing, Movement, Drumming, Dancing and Playing Instruments in a group. They will learn to distinguish between Major and Minor Tonality.
• More advanced activities include Composition, Improvisation, Transposition, Harmony, Form and Chord Progression
• Children will learn the basic keyboard skills – proper siting posture, good hand and finger positions.
• Children will be guided to figure out how to play songs and music they sing, dance and then by reading notation. They will learn how to play music pieces with two hands together on the keyboard

If you are interested , we invite you together with your child to join us in this incredible journey of music making. Please email us at with the Subject:
MusikGarten Enquiry and provide us parent’s name, child’s name and age and the programme you are interested and we will get back to you soon.