Cycle of Seasons (for Children 4 to 51/2 years old)

  • 11 lessons per three-month term
  • Weekly lessons of 45 minutes each
  • Class size 2 to 6 children
  • Family Packs (Compulsory) – 2 separate packs, one Pack for each semester. Each Pack consists of a Parent Book and 2 CDs.

Programme Description

  • Group Class for Children to attend independently. Parents are invited to participate in the class during the last 10minutes (Parent Sharing Time)
  • Activities in the class include Singing, Chanting, Dancing, Musical Games. Focused Listening, Ensemble Work, Story-Telling and Dramatisation.
  • Children will learn basic musical concepts, Rhythm Patterns(Gordon Rhythm Language) and Tonal Patterns (SOLFEGE)

If you are interested , we invite you together with your child to join us in this incredible journey of music making. Please email us at with the Subject:
MusikGarten Enquiry and provide us parent’s name, child’s name and age and the programme you are interested and we will get back to you soon.